FPGA Development Board India

What is an FPGA Development Board?

FPGA Development Board widely used in electronic circuit’s device FPGA is field programmable gate array FPGA contains Programmable logic blocks and interconnection circuits. It can be programmed or reprogrammed to the required functionally after manufacturing.

FPGA Basics 

When a circuit board is manufactured and placed an FPGA as a part of it. This can be programmed at the time of manufacturing process and further can be reprogrammed later to update or make necessary changes.

This FPGA is unique from Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) which can be custom manufactured for specific design task are. Past FPGA are used to develop low speed, Complex and Volume design, but today FPGA barrier up to 500MHz.

FPGA Architecture

There is a Different type of FPGA Architecture design comprises of design entry, design synthesis; design implementation device programming and design verification FPGAs are fabricated silicon chips that can be programmed electrically to place digital Designs. SRAM is the first static memory based FPGA. The FPGA Architecture consists of three major components

  • FPGA Programmable Logic Blocks.

FPGA Programmable Logic Blocks are the most common FPGA architecture and layout with logic block array. It requires I/O Pads and routing channels to interconnect logic blocks

  • FPGA Programmable Routing.

FPGA routing is generally unsegmented each wiring segment spans only one logic block before it terminates in a switch box. Turning on programmable switches within a switch box longer path can be constructed for higher speed interconnects.

Generally, whenever a vertical and horizontal channel intersects in this architecture there is a switch box with three programmable switches. That allows it to connect to three other wires in opposite channel segments.

The switch box topology one wire connect only to wires in track number one in opposite channel segments wires in track 2 connect only to other wires in track number2 and so on.

  • I/O Blocks.

Clock signals normally routed via special-purpose dedicated routing networks in FPGA commercial I/O pad can connect to anyone wiring segments in the channels adjacent to it.

FPGA Architecture Design Flow

The flow of FPGA Architecture design entry, design synthesis, Design implementation, Device programming and Design verification

Some of the design processes of FPGA will take place at the time of design flow that includes Design verification functional verification and timing verification that will take place at the time of design flow


Fpga Development Board

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