Flex and Rigid-Flex Circuits PCB

Flex -Rigid-Flex Circuits PCB

Flex-Rigid-Flex Circuits PCB – Rigid-flex circuits combine best of both rigid and flexible circuit’s integrated board together in one circuit. When design options are endless we combined rigid boards with flex circuits and flex

Flex and Rigid-Flex Circuits give the ability to design for aerospace, medical and military applications, with dependable reliability. Flex and rigid-flex circuits give the ability to design your circuitry to fit the device. Using multiple advanced technologies in a future project some of the key benefits of using flex and rigid-flex circuit technology.

Flex-Rigid-Flex Circuits PCB
Flex-Rigid-Flex Circuits PCB


Benefits of Flex-Rigid-Flex Circuits PCB

  • Flexible circuit boards fit in your device where no other solutions can fit into it.
  • Flexible circuit boards are very much light and thin weight which enables a substantial packaging size reduction.
  • The advantage of flex circuit solutions into your design can offer a substantial weight reduction benefit over using wires and wire harness.
  • Flex and rigid-flex circuit’s board’s act as a replacement for wire and wire harness it has been used to replace wiring that reduces the errors.

Rigid-Flex Product Types:

1. Single sided flexible Circuits

2. Double sided flexible Circuits.

3.Sculptured Flexible Circuits.

4. Multilayer  Flexible Circuits.

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